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morning teacher

Ms. stefanie gillahan

Ever since Stefanie was in kindergarten, she knew she wanted to be a teacher.  After graduating with her Bachelor's Degree in 2014, she began working at a preschool and has been working with children since that time.  She loves working at SCS because of the loving Christian environment that is provided for both the staff and the students.  Watching the children grow and learn and celebrating milestones with them is rewarding. It melts her heart to hear her name called only to turn around and receive a hug.

Morning Teacher

Ms. Amanda Jones

I have worked in childcare for several years. This field has allowed me to help shape young minds and enjoy young hearts. There is nothing more rewarding than having a positive influence on a child and seeing them learn and grow. I look forward to every morning, knowing I will spend the day enjoying such sweet, precious children. Smyrna Christian School has brought these children and new, wonderful people into my life and no words could capture my gratitude. Everyday we learn about God's love and we learn from each other. What a blessing here!

5-day program

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Our morning teachers

5-day program 

Smyrna Christian School is blessed with faithful Christian workers who are kind, caring and enthusiastic.  They have an excellent record in providing loving care, leadership and education to students of all ages.  Our teachers have numerous years combined teaching experience, and every teacher exceeds the state's requirements of continuing education each year. All of our staff have completed the training in Tennessee Early Learning Development Standards (TN-ELDS).  In addition, all faculty at SCS receive yearly CPR and First Aid training. They continually attend training classes and are up-to-date on state requirements while maintaining our three-star rating.

"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."  Matthew 18:3

morning teacher

Ms. Hayley Goad

Being able to instill the good morals and values she was taught in her christian family has been a precious learning experience for Ms. Hayley. Not only does she get to teach the children, but she learns from them as well. SCS has been like a second family to Ms. Hayley. Therefore, when the kids ask her if she has kids of her own, she always says, "Yes I do. I have all of you."

Morning teacher

Ms. Ashton Slater

Ms. Ashton has been baby-sitting and working in the church nursery for several years and now brings that experience to the classroom at SCS.  She especially enjoys seeing each child learn and explore new things. What a delight it is to see them grow more and more each day!

Morning teacher

Ms. Leah boles

Ms. Leah has been with SCS since 2005 and has 20 years experience in childcare.  Ms. Leah says that taking care of children is her calling.  "Children are our future," she says, "The amazing thing is they teach me also."