Smyrna Christian School

Learning in our 5-Day program

Children are naturally inquisitive, and at SCS they are encouraged to explore.  Each classroom is equipped with centers to stimulate all the senses.  Our centers are ECERS (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale) compliant.  To find out more about the ECERS standards, click here.  Using the Tennessee State Standards (TN-ELDS) as a guideline, our teachers create their own curriculum for the classroom. Through our teacher-made curriculum, children are educated and taught the essentials they will need by the time they leave here and enter kindergarten.  


We take the security of every child very seriously at SCS.  All doors are locked, and each parent is given a private code to enter the premises any time during our regular business hours.  All classrooms, playground, and the gym are equipped with security cameras, so that the activities in each area can be observed at all times.

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Each week our students participate in library time with Mrs. Randee, one of our aides at SCS.  Mrs. Randee reads stories and teaches the children to use picture clues to help them 'read' the text. She also teaches the concept of reading left to right. With her gentle and caring manner, Mrs. Randee nurtures their appreciation of books and their desire to read and learn.

music lessons

Once a week, our students enjoy singing, dancing, and listening to music with Mrs. Andrea Ragan. The rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration of the songs help children develop phonological awareness. The creative movement helps them to exercise their bodies and get the "wiggles" out, and the percussion instruments teach them a sense of rhythm. Mrs. Andrea also introduces musical instruments and musical notes to the children.

5-day program

Spanish lessons

Our students are exposed to conversational Spanish through words, play, songs, games, stories, and music with the aid of our special preschool instructor, Elizabeth Hodges.  She teaches Spanish in the classrooms each week. This Spanish Enrichment Program provides an excellent opportunity for children to start learning a second language.

bible classes

Our daily Bible curriculum is taken directly from the Bible.  Using the Beginner's Bible, God's story is revealed throughout the year as we begin in August with creation and end up by the end of the school year at Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. Teachers use activities and crafts to reinforce the basic Bible stories. Each week, the children attend chapel in the connected church building where the weekly story is reviewed by the children's director of Smyrna Church of Christ. Prayer is a common occurrence throughout the day.

food and nutrition

SCS is a nut-free facility, and we provide all students with a healthy snack in the morning and afternoon.  Parents are expected to provide their child with a nutritious nut-free lunch each day. We are not equipped to heat up lunches for children, so parents will need to take this into consideration when packing lunches for their child.  For an additional charge, parents may opt to have lunches catered in each day from Breaking Bread, a local café just around the corner from the school.