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Ms. stefanie gillahan

Ever since Stefanie was in kindergarten, she knew she wanted to be a teacher.  After graduating with her Bachelor's Degree in 2014, she began working at a preschool and has been working with children since that time.  She loves working at SCS because of the loving Christian environment that is provided for both the staff and the students.  Watching the children grow and learn and celebrating milestones with them is rewarding. It melts her heart to hear her name called only to turn around and receive a hug.

afternoon Teacher 

Mr. kyle webb

Before coming to SCS, Mr. Kyle had experience with other preschool programs and also teaching Sunday School at a local church.  While working as a youth minister, Mr. Kyle began volunteering at SCS in the summer of 2016 when he led the school's weekly chapel service.  He enjoyed it so much that he began working that fall as an afternoon teacher.  He loves seeing the faces of the children light up when they learn something new.  He considers his time with the students (and really awesome co-workers) a special blessing from God.

afternoon teacher/spanish teacher

Ms. Zuly Ortiz

Ms. Zuly is going to school to become an elementary school teacher, and she loves getting to spend her afternoons with the children at SCS. They make her laugh, and she gets to learn from them while she teachers them. Her funny sense of humor and positive outlook on life make her a great fit for SCS.

afternoon teacher

Ms. hannah mccord

Ms. Hannah has been at Smyrna Christian School for several years now.  She always has positive things to say about the children under her care, and she is happy to be a part of the team at SCS.

teacher Aide

Ms. chasity bures

Ms. Chasity is a mother of two sweet little girls, one who attends SCS.  She has been a part of the school's faculty for three years now, and her roots run deep because many years ago she was also a preschool student at SCS.  Chasity loves working for SCS and thinks it's a great Christian environment for children.  She enjoys being with children, teaching them about God, and watching them grow throughout the years.  Even when she's having a bad day, the kids turn it into a good day.

5-day program

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teacher aide

Ms. Randee Anderson

Ms. Randee has been at SCS since 1986, and her years of experience provide our school with lots of know-how.  The help Ms. Randee provides our teachers and students is vital.  More than anything, she enjoys the hugs and smiles she receives every day at SCS from the children and the teachers.  Randee says it is especially rewarding when the children understand something she is trying to teach them.  You may also see Ms. Randee in our library, as she does Library with the children every week.

afternoon teacher

Ms. betty barkley

After her many years of experience teaching young children, Ms. Betty still learns much from them. They are so honest with their thoughts, and they speak words of wisdom daily. Their brains are like sponges, so they keep Ms. Betty on her toes.


Ms. Hayley Goad

Being able to instill the good morals and values she was taught in her christian family has been a precious learning experience for Ms. Hayley. Not only does she get to teach the children, but she learns from them as well. SCS has been like a second family to Ms. Hayley. Therefore, when the kids ask her if she has kids of her own, she always says, "Yes I do. I have all of you."

afternoon teacher

Ms. judy winfree

Having worked in childcare for some time now, Ms. Judy likes the support she gets from our director and her fellow workers. She enjoys seeing the children in her class use new skills to figure out how things work.

Our aides & afternoon teachers 

5-day program

Our afternoon teachers are full of enthusiasm and eager to play with our SCS kiddos each day.  Many of them are currently in college working on their education degrees and some are substitute teachers for us during the morning in addition to being afternoon teachers. Our afternoon teachers are invaluable in the operations here at SCS.